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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any other costs?
Yes. No matter the e-Filing Provider you choose, there will be the typical court filing fees mandated by the rules of court. If you choose to use a credit card instead of an ACH account, the court imposes convienience fees for those transactions and not all courts accept American Express. EFM (Electronic Filing Manager also charges a small fee that varies with each court. 
Do you also provide e-service to opposing counsel?
Yes. Each State has slightly different rules regarding e-Service, But it's an available feature when the documents you need to serve are being efiled with our portal. 
Do I need to worry about the size limits of the documents?
Yes. Again each state has it's own size limits but it ranges from 7MB to 35MB for a single document and 15MB to 100MB for the total of all documents in the filing submission. They need to be in a PDF format and there is no limit to the number of documents or pages submitted in a filing submission as long as you do not exeed the total file size limit and all the documents are intended for a single case that you are filing in. 
From The Newsletter
  •  Los Angeles County Limited Civil - e-filing is scheduled to begin in November 13, 2018
  •  Los Angeles County Unlimited Civil - e-filing is scheduled to begin in December 3, 2018
  •  Los Angeles County Family Court - e-filing is tentatively scheduled to begin in Q4, 2018
  •  Kern County, CA Superior Court - e-filing is scheduled to be Mandatory October 1st, 2018 for all Unlimited Cases
  •  Ten myths you thought were true about efiling- A quick list to keep things in perspective in the office. 
  •  Orange County Superior Court - Set to go live and mandatory by 2019
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